For a product to be successful in manufacturing, careful consideration must be given to elements of the design which may impact the ability to produce, test and repair. We at AES have years of experience in the key areas of manufacturing and test engineering which will allow your product to achieve higher yields, volume and profitability in less time.

If you have a "bone pile" of bad boards from production, AES can help. With our flying probe in-circuit tester and failure analysis capability, AES can help you turn this potential scrap into revenue.
Design for Testability/Design for Manufacturability
IEEE 1149.1, 1149.4 and 1532 support
Prototype and Small Run Testing Support
Design Verification/Design Validation
First Article Build Evaluations
Environmental Stress Screening
Development of Production
Processes, Specifications
and Standards
Flying Scoprion Fixtureless In-circuit Test System 
New Product Support