As new products employ advanced materials and processes, the need to measure and characterize those material properties becomes increasingly important. DSC is used to measure heat flow in to or out of a material. Some DSC applications include measurement of melting temperature, polymorphic transitions, crystallization temperature, thermal stability, heat of fusion and degree of cure. TMA is used to measure dimensional changes of a material as a function of temperature. Some TMA applications include the measurement of coefficient of thermal expansion and glass transition along with tensile and creep testing. TGA is used to measure weight change of a material as a function of temperature. Some TGA applications include analysis of volatiles, flame retardant testing, thermal stability, composition analysis and residual analysis.  The DMA is used for measuring the mechanical  (viscoelastic) properties of materials. Accolade Engineering has state of the art research grade thermal testing equipment by TA instruments. The DMA, TMA and DMA have sub-ambient capability.
MDSC - Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimeter
MTMA - Modulated Thermalmechanical Analyzer
TGA - Thermogravimetric Analyzer
Instron Tensile Tester
Mechanical Testing
Pharmaceutical Testing
Materials Testing and
DMA - Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer
TG-MS - TGA with Mass Spectrometer