Accolade Engineering Solutions

Since 2003, Accolade Engineering Solutions, located in Southern California, has been a leading supplier of testing services for the medical, consumer, computer, automotive, industrial, aerospace, and telecom industries. With extensive resources for reliability assessment, failure analysis, analytical chemical and material characterization, AES meet all your test service needs for your new products or existing products. Our resources include: DSC, DMA, TMA, TGA, TGA-MS, microsectional analysis, Electron Microscopy (FE-SEM) with EDS (elemental analysis), CSAM, Microhardness testing, electromechanical universal tester, Bondtester, XRF, GC-MS, Py-GCMS, Ion Chromatography, FTIR, uFTIR, ICP-MS, LA-ICP-MS, Real Time 2D/3D nano focus X-Ray, Plasma Decapsulation of Integrated Circuits, Temperature Testing, Temperature/Humidity Testing, Thermal Shock, Vibration, Impact Shock, Drop Shock, HALT, HASS and Flying Probe In-Circuit Testing.

Accolade Engineering Solutions can ensure product environmental compliance, reduce product lifecycle cost, reduce time to volume production, , improve reliability ,decrease time to product launch, vendor material validation & qualification, help solve process and field failures and improve manufacturing processes.

The founder of AES, Bruce Peterson, has worked in the fields of test & measurement, reliability and failure analysis for over 38 years with a BSEE and post graduate work toward an MSEE with emphasis on DSP based control systems along with a certification in medical product development and VB software development from UCI. He also has an extensive software development background in Intel assembly, embedded software, functional test software and in-circuit test software development along with experience with failure analysis, reliability testing and use of advanced analytical instrumentation.

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